The CATS IV trade platform allows you to combine state-of-the-art machine learning with your clients facing trading platforms. CATS's models can be offered as trade algorithms to clients.

key benefits:

  • No 3rd party access to your funds or to your account
  • Regulatory compliance with SEC and ESMA (MiFID/ MiFIR compliant)
  • Integrates seamless in any web trading platform
  • Data confidentiality guaranteed as we do not store client or trade data, therefor we are GDPR compliant.
  • Can run as stand-alone with any interactive brokers TWS and IBGatway
  • Licensing modules available allowing you to generate fees
  • OEM packaging available in order to run CATS IV under your own brand name
  • Useful as a generator for real-time social media, email subscriptions
  • Web push notifications available for "Hot Stocks", "Insider Trading", "News letters"

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Data Cloud


Financial data subscriptions

  • Unlimited access to structured SEC & ESMA filings
  • Market data on Equity, Futures, Options, Forex, and Cash Indices.
  • Back-testing in the cloud
  • Historical news and reference data

All data available as live or fast forward replay-feed for scenario back-testing

Compute Cloud


Distributed training

  • Execute your code without restrictions
  • Train on physical hardware
  • Up to 2.4TB/sec bandwidth
  • Up to 30TB local storage
  • Latest NVidea GPU's
  • Intel Xeon Platinum 56 Core CPU's
  • AMD Epyc 62 Core CPU's

Dedicated hardware with clean installs.

Execution Cloud


Web API execution

  • Powerful servers
  • Protect intellectual property
  • 24 X 7 fail-over SLA
  • Python, .Net, Unix & Windows

Having the ability to scale training as well as execution to our service factory allows for better scaling.

Artificial Intelligence is the cutting-edge emerging technology that can substantially boost the usability of any application. Machine learning technologies are able to put meaning the output of large scales of data.

We offer to host, train and execute your machine-learning models.

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Big Data

Data that may be incorrect, since the data provided by the exchange is by default inconsistent and needs to be cleansed using our proprietary scrubbing algorithms.

While advances in databases, database programming, pattern recognition, memory availability, and computing power have made the size of the data easier to manage, the characteristics of high frequency data leaves plenty of challenges that need to be managed.

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Data maturity

Having a measurable and consistent data quality is the basis of being able to make good decisions.

The data context as a definition can be used as a parameter when requesting data.

Scrubbing big volumes by our algorithms improves your AI outcome. There is the possibility of integrating your data in order to enrich the scope.

  1. Level 1 Simple data processing, Data warehousing & Reporting is possible.
  2. Level 2 Self-Serve Analytics, Dashboards & On-line reporting is possible with pre-defined datasets.
  3. Level 3 Uncover value from structured data is possible by end users.
  4. Level 4 Real-time analytics and decision making is possible.
  5. Level 5 Cognitive analytics & Automated decision making with positive feedback loops.

Get the experts you need for as short as you need them

Most smaller organizations do not need a full-time Enterprise or Solution Architect like with building a house, at some time the design is over and you'd need to start building. Do you really need a full time Database Administrator on staff, if you do than you might need to contact us and look at automations.

We understand that these are vital roles that need to be filled, however making a budget for some one that would ideally be available at ramp-up and after that for about 1 day a month... most start cutting corners and hope that the impact of the missing skills will be limited.

If you are interested in retaining experts we are offering:

  • Enterprise architects
  • Solution architects
  • Project managers
Technical experts:
  • Data base administrators
  • Database developers
  • Application developers
Support staff:
  • Tester
  • Security auditors
  • Level I- III IT support

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